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Thread: Muzzle device for precision 5.56

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    I agree with hearing protection is a must with brake. I run a Lantec Dragon and it has the small ports on top and nice side vents. Almost no recoil, but loud. Haven't shot prone to check for ground disruption. This thread has reminded me to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nate89 View Post
    I have an 18" AR with a Rainier barrel that was built for roughly the same purpose, learning a bit more about longer range shooting. I have a Sandman-S currently in NFA jail right now, so I bought an additional Keymount brake in 1/2X28 and have been very happy with it. This rifle has an A5 RE, rifle length gas with an adjustable gas block and that Dead Air muzzle device. It really is the smoothest and flattest shooting AR I have ever shot. It is really nice to be able to see impacts through the glass, even at relatively close ranges. Where you have the Omega coming, the ASR break sounds like the way to go in my opinion.
    We are on the same page. I have a Sandman L in jail now cause the S’s were backordered. I will be replacing all my NJ compliant muzzle devices with DeadAir brakes.

    Having said that, I got sub MOA results out of a Battlecomp on my 18” Noveske barrel and I was very happy with the overall performance of the comp.
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