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Just got a couple of new (2019 Vintage) TCA PRC-148 MBITR Clones. These were released this month.

Haven't had a chance to really suss it out yet; however a couple of standouts upon initial assessment:

Better Machining
Better Anodizing
Louder internal speaker
Potentiometer is more crisp
Screen more evenly illuminated
Comes with an 18650 Adapter Battery Pack
Comes in a hard-shell, Pelican-style case
Battery pack has a USB adapter to charge phones/devices from the radioís battery
8 Crypto Settings
Multiple repeater settings
5 power output settings (0.1W - 8W)

Haven't had the opportunity to delve too deep into the menus, yet. The manual is hot garbage so I'm going to have to figure things out on my own.

Itís way more streamlined than the TRI 148ís FPP.

You have two menu modes.

One to set global parameters like Wideband/Narrowband/key-functions, etc.

You have a secondary mode that only adjusts channel-specific settings like Frequency/CTCSS, etc.

So for example, on the TRI, all settings are in one menu, and it has to be changed per that menu to be written to a channel. The TCAís menu system allows you to set all global settings separately from channel-specific settings.

The TCA also has 8 zones or banks to which you can assign 16 channels per bank. The channel function on the TCA is effectively identical to the JEM/MBITR, in terms of channel management.

Other odds/ends so far:

When you key up, all the data/parameters related to that channel are displayed, including power level, TX Freq/RX Freq, etc.

It has VOX, so if you end up running this with the GD interface you donít have to manually key up to TX.

Thereís about 4 or 5 different repeater settings as well as a RELAY function, none of which Iíve had the chance to monkey with yet.
Sounds like on the surface these are better quality than the TRI.

Which of these TCAs has the crypto?

Is crypto worth the upgrade?

What is your source for these?

And, of course, are they making a 10-pin or only the 6-pin version?

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