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Thread: PRC-148 Radio, First Impressions and Initial Setup, and Follow on Setup on Chest Rig

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    The challenge of programming the PRC-152s is the singular negative to the radios.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    info out there is super overwhelming.
    The 152 clones are *ONLY* FPP; no programming software available for them, unfortunately.

    That little Baofeng GM-15 PRO is leaps and bounds above the old UV5Rs I burned up. A lot of value for the money. Built very well. Much better display. Better audio. Audio quality is, pretty damn good, honestly. The USB charging is sweet, since it can be cooking all day with a portable solar phone charger. Overall, the UV-13 Pro and GM-15 PRO radios are pretty damn legit.

    Wake, if you're worried about Baofengs holding up, they appear to be standard issue for our "Near Peer" threat...

    There was a video I saw a couple of weeks ago, where an entire Russian Mechanized unit was using Baofeng UV-5Rs.

    Quote Originally Posted by pinzgauer View Post
    The fact you can get 152 batteries is a big win.

    I believe they will also directly work with the military six-pin lead that you have. Need to confirm though. So that would save you buying a ptt.

    But I don't think the clonish 152's allow front panel programming, OS will know.

    Given what you posted about the match that's going to be critical as you need to be able to dial up a frequency.

    A baofeng that outlander posted would work for that though.

    UV5Rs are so cheap that I consider them disposable radios. I also have set them up for friends who wanted to do railroad scanning, etc.

    I think I paid $17 for my last ones. (I have 3) Watch a YouTube video on how to direct enter a frequency and you'll be in business for the match. Make yourself a cheat sheet if needed.
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    OS's points are all valid. The uv-5rs are just okay RF wise.

    That's why I kind of view them as disposable.

    But they are surprisingly tough, I once ran over my original one with a tractor and you would never know it. I still use them around the property when we have company, especially if it's kids.

    FPP only on the 152 is a real negative.

    Wonder if they just did not provide sw or if the capability was just not added to the circuitry.

    I'd be amazed if they didn't have a clone mode, and if they have a clone mode one day someone will figure out the programming like they do for the Yaesu's.

    My fav cheap radio (TYT md-390 w GPS) apparently is no longer available, though they have a UV model. The problem is you can't put in aftermarket firmware which gets you front panel programming and a bunch of other nice stuff.

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    So we recently wanted to start adding much more to our TCA-148s.

    We cannot find a way to switch between 2 channel banks without getting the radio out of the pouch and getting into the menu.

    We have a bank of vhf programmed and named and we’d like a bank of uhf done the same way. We’d also like to be able to use the small side buttons above the PTT button to change the channel bank because it switches from vhf to uhf.

    I would think there is a way to have the vhf bank programmed to be scrolled thru with the top knob then switch (side button) to uhf and scroll thru that bank.

    is there or am I just crazy? lol

    Are there any firmware updates to be had for any of these radios?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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