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Thread: My first AR! DDM4V7

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattC View Post
    Still a solid choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel79 View Post
    So after doing a fair bit of research I decided I wanted to start my AR collection with a DD. My local shop so happen to have a brand new V7 in stock.

    Went in and knew I had to have it. Got it set up with an Aimpoint PRO red dot, Magpul Pro buis, and some magpul hand guard covers.

    Now I just need to make some time to get everything dialed in. I've got 6 mags for it. Would like to have a bunch more and a pile of ammo of course.

    Do you take them down and clean before your first outing, or just shoot as they come?

    It's a great piece. How did it come packaged? Was there a hard or soft case with it?
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