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It is hard to make a call on this one without seeing the finish in person. Overall, I would say you will need a neutral background, and then move the primary lighting around and change angles while your camera stays locked in place on a tripod. This will allow the color shift to be observed as realistically as possible by viewers.
Awesome, I will give it a shot. The color flip is pretty lighting angle dependant to show in one shot for sure. Natural day light shows it the best for sure but any recomendations on good lighting either bulbs or type of bulb and temp for indoor photos? The bulbs I have for my lights are ok but dont show the color of the item as it would appear in natural light all that great on any type of finish.

The first two were impromptoo photos and I relize I need to have my dlsr with me sometimes when I go out since the level issues killed me on the 2nd pic in the first photo. Never thought about flipping it to B&W, havent done any b&w stuff for eons and never did it much digitally. I will give it a go for sure.

Thanks for the input!!