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Thread: "Critique my firearm picture" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Mazaki View Post
    Thanks for the critique fellas. It's an old offhand snapshot, but I just wanted to contribute to the thread. I do agree the background is more pronounced than I'd like and I should have moved the chair out of the frame. I was working with natural light, in hindsight I could have easily used a reflector to add more light to the rifle and help equalize it with the background's brightness. I need to recheck the EXIF, but I believe I was stopping down the lens a bit to make sure the rifle was all in-focus; larger aperture to blur the background further may have been the better call.
    Nice view though!

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    I'm just going to go out a limb here and take a chance. To me... to my eye. I have never seen a lower with that 'emblem' and I'm confused. Is that your means of hiding personal info? If so, I would think that area would normally be the center of attention and that shot draws me right in.

    If not ..the way the depth of field fades off on the numbers makes my brain want to keep going back and forth in unrest.

    Is there a subtle nod to Buddy Guy? I would have continued the polka dot through the trigger guard. Cropped the left off some. I like the word proudly being seen.

    I like it but just for personal taste. If I wanted it on my wall. I would have cropped it just left of the the roll pin on the trigger guard and included whatever happened to roll into view from right.

    Oh, and I like the buckle and take down pin. they seem to compliment each other and keep my eye from wandering. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. If it was, it worked.

    I'm severely left eye dominant and you might not think that looking at a picture on a computer screen would matter, but it does. Ironically, your picture draws my weak eye. The depth of field fade, the take down pin, the buckle, the polka dots, the emblem of course, and the general focus as cropped.

    Overall I like it a lot. That emblem thing aside. I'm not sure what's going on there.

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