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Thread: Poncho

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    Check out the Hill People Gear, Original Mountain Serape

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    Quote Originally Posted by teufelhund1918 View Post
    You can contact your credit card customer service dept and file a complaint for not receiving your goods. Once you go through the process with them, you will either receive what you bought from the dealer or the card will refund your money. I've done it a couple of times with some turds over the years.
    Eekk! Might be too late, but it can't hurt to call and talk to a customer service rep and explain the situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    Budget? I'm a big fan of the Velocity Systems Basha. Wild Things Tactical also has a waterproof poncho. Neither are cheap though.

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    You were not BS-ing when you said they are pricey. I would love to see that Wild Things gear in person. $500-600 for one piece of kit is a pretty big ask. Must be very nice though.

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    Snugpack makes a good one w/ option for a over backpack.


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