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Thread: CA assault weapon reg

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    Quote Originally Posted by militarymoron View Post
    Do you apply that understanding to NFA weapons/devices as well, or do you just have your buddy machine you a DIAS for your AR and laugh at all those poor SOBs who paid $20k for a fully transferable machine gun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sevenhelmet View Post
    Starting 1 Jan, 2017, the state's decreed that pretty much every semi-auto rifle is an "assault weapon" and has to be registered or permanently modified so the magazine is no longer detachable (the "bullet button" is not an approved mod any more).
    This is not true, and needs to be corrected before it unnecessarily scares off potential AR-15 buyers/owners in California (i.e. this post is old but still spreading FUD).

    Look, I know we all hate illogical gun laws, but if the state were banning all semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine, that would mean banning the M1A, the Mini-14, etc. California may be misguided, but these rifles remain legal, as this thread makes clear:

    You can lawfully own an AR-15 in one of three ways in California:
    1. Keep all the "assault weapon" features + keep bullet-button magazine release + register
    2. Keep all the "assault weapon" features + install fixed magazine device (i.e. you must break open the action in order to reload)
    3. Get rid of all the "assault weapon" features (i.e. no flash hider, no pistol grip, no adjustable/folding stock) + keep regular magazine release

    We need more AR-15 enthusiasts in California to dispel myths, promote the platform, and educate our fellow Americans. Let's get it right!
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    Good luck to all California gun owners with Gavin Newsom as the governor. He openly declared that he will be even stricter than Jerry Brown with gun control especially after the Thousand Oaks shooting. Next up he will have 10/22’s labeled as an “assault rifle”...

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