The Doru Training Group CQG course is a 1 day training class designed to prepare you to survive a real life violent encounter. It uses the same Simunition FX marking cartridge technology as the military and law enforcement which is not typically available for civilians. This allows you to practice the skills you learn in a high stress force-on-force training environment.

Topics covered during the course:
• Introduction to the realities of violence
• Grip, stance, trigger control, and sight alignment
• Drawing, emergency reloads, scanning and movement
• Close quarter shooting techniques-retention and point shooting to 5 yards
• Striking-using bodyweight, anatomy, and gross motor skills to injure any attacker, no matter your size and strength
• Integration of striking and shooting
• Force-on-Force training scenarios with role players. Scenarios will include decision making, multiple opponents, and active shooter situations

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