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Thread: New year, more proposed Illinois anti gun legislation

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    Quote Originally Posted by T2C View Post
    Last count there were 123 pieces of legislation restricting firearm ownership proposed in 2019. IGOLD is March 27th. Go to the ISRA website and check on bus transportation to the rally in Springfield.

    We have an uphill fight on our hands with the Democrats controlling the House, Senate and Governor's seat. Governor Priztker will sign anything they put on his desk.
    Many of those pieces of legislation have been tabled for now. Willis has introduced an "omnibus" bills, a wet dream for civilian disarmament advocates. That's probably going to be the hot topic of this legislative session.

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    I'll be at IGOLD for the second year in a row, but tbh it's more of a hollow gesture at this point. My elected officials (Will County) hate guns and don't give a rat's ass about my grievances. And I have no plans to comply with the unconstitutional crap they're pushing.

    A broke state like IL can't enforce these laws; we'll have even lower compliance rates than CT and NY.

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