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Thread: Survival/general purpose fixed-blade knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertTheTexan View Post
    Does “not an outrageous price” mean <= $800? I had a difficult time finding a Crusader for less than $800 bucks. For a potential every day use/Survival knife.... that’s a lot of peanuts. and I may have missed the models that are what I’d call not outrageously expensive. Then again, with a 2 year wait, I guess I’m not surprised.
    Fixed blade? Same knife I have TCFM 02 sold at $Price: $ 475.00:


    Considering wait times are in the 2-3 years range now, I can see private sellers jacking prices. Have not seen a fixed blade Crusader for anything close to $800 myself. But prices have gone way up since I got mine which has been for sale here for a while BTW...
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    I used an Army version of the Kabar for a long time. It's a good simple design that's been around for a long time. However, I found it's not tough enough to be beat on in a survival situation with it's tiny little tang going through the leather washer handle... SNAP!... Oddly enough a ZT 0100 (made to be a fighting knife) is a better survival knife, even though it has a recurve blade. The steel is MUCH stronger, and the blade is a thick full tang design. You can beat the shit out of the ZT 0100 and it doesn't care one bit. I think the belly of the blade helps in chopping tasks too. Sadly they are not in production anymore, and are hard to find these days. I had to get mine off ebay...

    The knife in the youtube video, (the Morakniv Craftline Robust Trade Knife) is only $16.99 at Amazon, and is perfect for around camp stuff.
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    I have been using the shit out of my Mora Bushcraft Black for the last several months and I have been extremely impressed with it's cutting ability, edge retention, sharpness, durability, comfort, and overall utility. I even like the sheath, which is something that I didn't expect. It's just truly a pleasure to use. An ugly, cheap looking bastard, but up to every task I've put before it, and it's not the sort of tool you'll be afraid to use and abuse because it's too nice to mess up. I will be buying another in the future just because they're so affordable and useful, why not have multiples?

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    I am a fan of the grohmann line up. My primary fixed blade knife is a grohmann #1. In the past I used an ontario rat 3 to skin/butcher game but it didn't hold the best edge and the coating built up a lot of fatty deposits.

    Recently I picked up a Mora Elrdis, and that little sucker was SCARY sharp. Its not large enough to be a camping knife for me, that is still my grohmann, but its certainly good for small chores.

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    Survival/general purpose fixed-blade knives

    I have several.

    Spyderco Bushcraft & Proficient

    First Edge 5050

    Bark River Bushcraft II which I cannot find my photo. Here is one I snagged offline.

    And a Mora Garberg.

    And a Benchmade Bushcafter.

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    I have several Moras in both stainless and carbon. They are cheap , useful and no tears are shed if I lose or break one.

    I also have an Esee 3, and my wife and I both carry Izulas. Only issue I have is the coating near the edge can “clog” your sharpening equipment. I wish they had uncoated blades but the coating does make rust prevention easier.

    My main hiking camping/bushcraft knife is a Fallkniven F1 3g steel version. Great steel, holds and edges, gets hair popping sharp. The handle maintains a gippable surface in both wet and cold/wet conditions. I would like to get one of their Pro series next but I am shopping for other things right now.
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    The Survive! GSO and SK series has a pretty good following. All different sizes for whatever your application or preference. He uses very good steel (CPM-3V or CPM-20CV). Many models in the GSO series are available in both - your preference. Lots of videos on durability testing out there too.


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    Lots of good stuff in this thread.

    I’ve been doing some research to scratch this bushcraft/camping knife itch. My head hurts from all the reading lol but I think I’m down to three: Becker bK2, Benchmade bushcrafter, and the ESEE 4. The only one I’ve gotten to actually handle was the Benchmade. I do plan to pair it with a camp ax and a folding saw, but I want it capable without. Haven’t seen much talk about the BK2 in this thread and Idont recall any on the Benchmade. Anyone with more experience with either of those two. Plenty on the ESEE 4 though.

    Any thoughts to consider while I try narrowing this down?


    Found a deal I just couldn’t pass up. Went with the Benchmade Bushcrafter for a couple of reasons: 1. It was on sale for $120. 2. I wanted to pair it with an axe so I didn’t feel thlike necessity to buy a bigger knife. The leather sheath it comes with isn’t very good, even though it looks nice. I made a DIY kydex press to play with making a better sheath for it. Also I want to add spots for a fire stick and sharpener.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be deploying soon so I Probably won’t get to use it until after I return.
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    I think the Glock knife is highly underrated. Got two, love 'em. I've built and made fire with them, made shelter, dug holes, pried things.....batoned alot of wood, gotten alot of use camping and hiking with them.

    Hard to beat for the money.

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