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I have several Moras in both stainless and carbon. They are cheap , useful and no tears are shed if I lose or break one.

I also have an Esee 3, and my wife and I both carry Izulas. Only issue I have is the coating near the edge can “clog” your sharpening equipment. I wish they had uncoated blades but the coating does make rust prevention easier.

My main hiking camping/bushcraft knife is a Fallkniven F1 3g steel version. Great steel, holds and edges, gets hair popping sharp. The handle maintains a gippable surface in both wet and cold/wet conditions. I would like to get one of their Pro series next but I am shopping for other things right now.
Always wanted a Fallkniven but didn't like the full handle design. When they introduced the X series, I had to get one. Better sheath, full tang design, using their top end steel, I got two of them as I couldn't make up my mind. Will keep the larger one and sell the smaller.