ForceTec is the Southeast’s first of 
its kind purpose-built Force-on-
Force Tactical Engagement Center. Strategically located in Cleveland NC, ForceTEC’s unique training facility offers law enforcement and private citizens the opportunity to train in real life situations, designed to improve situational awareness and test self defense tactics against living, breathing adversaries.

Offering the use of our unique and purpose-built training environment ForceTEC is excited to offer regional and visiting use-of-force instructors force-on-force capabilities to your own curriculum. Negating the need to staff, equip and secure a suitable venue, ForceTEC can help you help your students.

ForceTEC’s 16,000 SF indoor, outdoor and combination-use facility is dedicated to the use of non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) in a safe, sterile and private environment.

Current configuration of these facilities include:

• Single family dwelling
• Commercial Office Space
• Municipal Office Space
• School
• Chapel/Church/Place of Worship
• Movie Theatre
• Restaurant, Tavern or other Licensed Premise
• Hotel or other Multi-Dwelling Unit
• Custom or one-time-use configurations

In addition to the our dedicated classroom space, outfitted with High Definition closed circuit television, visiting instructors and students are offered the capabilities to train in multiple disciplines, including:

• Firearms Skill Builders
• Home Defense
• Self Defense in and around Vehicles
• Workplace Violence Prevention
• Diminished/low light conditions
• K9 Training
• Defensive Tactics

Another unique capability of ForceTEC is our ability to offer custom force-on-force training packages or a la carte offerings, depending on the training needs of local training companies. Precluding the need of an organization to outfit and equip their instructors and students with the proper training venue, we offer schedule flexibility, supporting equipment and technology assets. ForceTEC offers qualified organizations one or more of the following to enhance their current training offerings while being sensitive to student time and budgets:

• Full or partial use of the facility
o Classroom(s)
o Scenario room(s)
o Custom configured scenario areas
o Vehicle pad
o Defensive Tactics Gym
o Gymnasium
• Non-Lethal Training Equipment
o Converted weapons and/or conversion kits
o NLTA and marking cartridges
o Protective Gear – masks, eye protection, etc.
• Supporting Equipment and Consumables
o Closed Circuit, High Definition video, with DVR and local viewing from smartphone or tablet
o Secure, on-site weapon and sensitive item storage
o Targets and stands for force-on-target
• Convenient and local live fire ranges

Each scenario room and outdoor vehicle pad is designed with training as top of mind. ForceTEC has designed each area to be as realistic as possible, with safe observation points for students, instructors or other authorized visitors. While the facility and equipment is of significant value, what sets ForceTEC apart from other training organizations is our ability to staff your training endeavor with qualified and experienced staff. In a very consultative engagement, ForceTEC can assist with scenario development and provide the following responsibilities:

• Lead and Assistant Instructor(s) – We built our team with current or former law enforcement officers, military and private security personnel. Our staff has decades of experience in use of force training and can support your instructors in multiple disciplines, including force-on-force scenario development.
• Range and Scenario Controller(s) – Supporting your own scenarios, ForceTEC can provide those “extra sets of eyes” to make the most of every training evolution.
• Safety Officer(s) – Ensuring that the facility is secure and safe to train with NLTA, we go above and beyond industry norms to ensure the facility is sterile from unauthorized visitors or observers, and most importantly, no student gets injured from easily prevented oversights.
• Role Player(s) – Trained personnel dedicated to the specific needs of any scenario they are supporting. No need to staff your own role players.

We look forward to supporting your students’ training needs and hope that ForceTEC can be a part of your organizations growth and success.

For any further questions please contact:

Thomas Pinkham
General Manager
603 E. Main Street
Cleveland, NC 27013