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Thread: 2018 Rockcastle Run N Gun 5&10k, March 17-18

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    Good stuff!!! Well, I just started following you. I sure as hell donít want to miss this!
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    I lied - one more post. I keep getting questions like "why am I just now hearing about this 'Run N Gun' thing, and where can I find one near me?"

    So here's a quick graph showing the exploding growth of Run N Gun recently to answer question #1, and a map of all the current RNG locations to answer question #2.

    Every Run N Gun is slightly different, with different rules and expression of the centerfire biathlon idea. I love the variety and think it's a good thing they are all so different, but be sure to ask a lot of questions and understand what you're in for before you just show up and expect it to be exactly like the last one you did.

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