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Thread: The GOOD DEALs and INTERESTING find thread!

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    BAD Trijicon MRO mount
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
    And while I was noodling around the Bay I found something else that I thought might be a solution to a problem... Given that real Elcan M145s are around two grand each and correct Canadian C79's are practically hock-major-organs to get unless your name is Larry Vickers, I've told my girlfriend that if she wants an optic for "her gun" (the C8 I'm building, though it's really only "hers" when she's shooting with me, otherwise it's just another iron in my Ready Rack for Home D) she'll have to buy and make arrangements to get it here herself, and with the Elcan's excessive-for-CQB magnification and other issues it'll probably wear an Eotech or bare iron most of the time. (Not the only thing, I'm making her provide her own bayonet if she wants one too--I can buy THREE Ontario M9's for the price of ONE Eickhorn B2005.)

    However, I stumbled across an airsoft-y (it claims to be rated for live iron, but I don't believe in trusting sales puffery especially from Hong Kong) knockoff on the Bay, and thought that purely as a "range toy" it might work to give her a basic checkout on the C79/C8 combo and the general frustration of the Elcan Experience--I'm assuming that for actual competition we'll both be using iron sights simply to ensure solid basic technique. What's y'all's take on this between "wouldn't do for Serious Work in Combat, Hunting or Competition but might be OK for a plinker/range toy" or "Save the money and stick to Bare Iron"?

    I'm reluctant to trust an Ebay Elcan even with an MGO optic being listed for $325 because I don't know if Raytheon will stand behind them for repair services, or would swap out reticles if God forbid somebody sticks me with an MGO despite my best efforts.
    That link has already been pulled, which means you avoided getting scammed.

    Board policy mandates I state that I shoot for BCM. I have also done work for 200 or so manufacturers within the firearm community. I am prior service, a full time LEO, firearm instructor, armorer, TL, martial arts instructor, and all around good guy.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. Let me know if you know cool secrets or have toys worthy of an article...

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    Thanks, Stick. At this point I'm thinking since it looks like I can get the green Canadian cover without the optic, pick that up as a hedge and the optic stays on "either her wallet/legwork or Ring On Finger" status unless I find the combination of a screaming deal *and* a winning lottery ticket.
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    Lanbo's Armory deal on Surefire 600DF under $200. https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?m...=shopping_cart

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    Iím not sure if updates belong here, but...

    I ordered four of these 16Ē HBAR profile, carbine length gas, parkerized finish barrels from peacegeek on 3/11/19 and received them yesterday but only just got a chance to crack open the package a few minutes ago.


    I imagine these are the same barrels as the $25 unfinished barrels that were mentioned previously in this thread (that were already out-of-stock when I saw them posted here), but these are parkerized and only $10 more.

    They were very well packaged. Individually protected within tubular plastic mesh netting and then inserted into a heavy duty compartmentalized bubble wrap sleeve.

    So far I have only visually inspected them for obvious defects and pin gauged the gas ports. 3 of the 4 gauge at 0.065Ē and one at 0.066Ē. So far not bad.

    Only two of them are mine; due to the shipping cost I went in with a couple buddies on the order to spread that out a little. Iím looking forward to assembling them on a pair BCM blem uppers Iíve just received (No obvious blems stand out on them either, which is the same experience Iíve had with them previously - IMHO theyíre one of the best values in uppers available today, and, at least when I ordered them a few days ago, shipping was free [for orders over $110]).

    I have plenty of other ďniceĒ guns, so Iím building them completely from take-off, used ďmarket placeĒ, and clearance parts. I think the only thing I need that I donít already have is a single gas tube. Unfortunately, while debating building these uppers and looking at my spare parts bins, I mistook a mid length tube for a carbine. Iíll have to find a cheep tube somewhere where shipping doesnít kill the deal.

    Iíll post another update when I get them together and get a chance to shoot them.

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