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Thread: The GOOD DEALs and INTERESTING find thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
    A deal so nice he had to post it twice. :P
    One is the OEM the other is OEM2

    GTDistributors has both for $50 less

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    Interesting Finds: Primary Arms is now helping bankroll FPC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurodriver View Post
    One is the OEM the other is OEM2

    GTDistributors has both for $50 less
    I handled an OEM at a lgs this week as they had it for $800.

    The one thing I'll point out is these will most likely be CR serial number with associated controversies.

    I still think it's a better than average option but there's some argument that it's not quite the same as older 6920s. There's a lot hashed out in earlier threads on this. (not to break this thread)

    Even so I'd still take one over a franken gun or a S& W / Ruger / whatever.

    You won't get a LMT, DD or G anywhere near that price so it's kind of apples to oranges.

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