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Thread: Dog thread .... join up and post about mans best friend here!

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    My spoiled Bird Dogs (Britts)-

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    Working with the pup....


    Board policy mandates I state that I shoot for BCM. I have also done work for 200 or so manufacturers within the firearm community. I am prior service, a full time LEO, firearm instructor, armorer, TL, martial arts instructor, and all around good guy.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. Let me know if you know cool secrets or have toys worthy of an article...

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    ^ such a badass pic, stick.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    That is an excellent picture. It looks like he was having a pretty good day with his family.

    How was he?

    There are few things I like more, than sitting on the porch and giving ear scritches to good dogs.
    He was 10 when we got him, laid back but had some food aggression and marking we had to work through.
    Ended up being a very well-tempered dog that all the neighbors loved. He had some of the softest fur I ever felt so everyone loved petting him, and that's all he wanted in life, haha.
    Not the smartest dog, and not very receptive to task training (never got him to "sit") but picked up behavioral stuff very well.

    Just a laid back dog that wanted some attention (previous owners kept him in a kennel in the back yard his whole life).

    Edit: sorry for rambling: pic thread.

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