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Thread: Meta analysis: IF vs Standard Dieting

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    Meta analysis: IF vs Standard Dieting

    IF is all the rage these days. The findings of this meta analysis on IF vs typical reduced caloric intake on weight loss is as I expected, no differences found. Basic rule is, follow what ever helps you with compliance and if IF helps people with compliance, by all means, do it, just don't think it has magical metabolic effects, at least on weight loss.

    Short-term intermittent energy restriction interventions for weight management: a systematic review and meta-analysis


    This systematic review synthesized the available evidence on the effect of short-term periods of intermittent energy restriction (weekly intermittent energy restriction; ≥7-d energy restriction) in comparison with usual care (daily continuous energy restriction), in the treatment of overweight and obesity in adults.

    Six electronic databases were searched from inception to October 2016. Only randomized controlled trials of interventions (≥12 weeks) in adults with overweight and obesity were included. Five studies were included in this review. Weekly intermittent energy restriction periods ranged from an energy intake between 1757 and 6276 kJ/d−1. The mean duration of the interventions was 26 (range 14 to 48) weeks. Meta-analysis demonstrated no significant difference in weight loss between weekly intermittent energy restriction and continuous energy restriction post-intervention (weighted mean difference: −1.36 [−3.23, 0.51], p = 0.15) and at follow-up (weighted mean difference: −0.82 [−3.76, 2.11], p = 0.58).

    Both interventions achieved comparable weight loss of >5 kg and therefore were associated with clinical benefits to health. The findings support the use of weekly intermittent energy restriction as an alternative option for the treatment of obesity. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to support the long-term sustainable effects of weekly intermittent energy restriction on weight management.

    Full Paper:

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    Iíve been on an IF and fasting kick the last few months, got fascinated with the topic. I donít do it to lose weight directly though. I do it for other healthy benefits, that you burn through glycogen stores, then use some body fat is a bonus. Also a bonus, easier to hit whatever your daily calorie target is with a decent size lunch and big dinner than 3 smaller meals IMO.

    I donít fast to eat less calories though, I think that is a bad mental place to go.

    IF is really easy for anyone already adapted to a low carb keto type diet (donít have to be eating low carb, just adapted to it). I can go from dinner one day to dinner the next without any drama.

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    'Intermittent fasting', aka a fancy name for skipping breakfast.

    It's just a very easy way to reduce the amount of calories you eat.

    Similarly, I've found that the easiest way to bulk up is to start eating as early in the morning as possible. The more time in the day available for feeding, the easier it is. Who would have thought?


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