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Thread: Is holsterops.com good to go?

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    Also no issues with them

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    HolsterOps 25% off:

    “This weekend you get the best deals of the entire year at HolsterOps.com. Enjoy 25% off your entire order! Simply use promo code: HO25OFF at checkout for 25% off your entire order.”

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    My experience with the idiots at holsterops.com:

    11/19/18: ordered a coyote tan G34 6354DO.

    11/20/18: received an email notifying me that my order was backordered, and they expect more in 7-14 days.

    11/20/18: i ask if a coyote tan G19 6354DO was in stock, and if so could i change my order to that.

    11/20/18: Tod Stinham confirmed that he had 2-3 of the coyote tan G19 6354DO's in stock. But he had a 6384 in stock and could ship it immediately.

    11/20/18: i tell him i am not interested in a 6384, and would like to change my order to the 6354DO in coyote for a G19.

    11/27/18: i ask for a follow up email since 7 days have gone by without acknowledgement of my request to change my order.

    12/1/18: Tod Stinham sends me an email telling me to look at the email chain, and he was waiting for me to tell him to shio a 6384.

    12/1/18: i reply that the last thing in the email chain was me asking to change to the 6354DO G19 he said he had 2-3 of in stock. But at this time to please leave my order as originally placed because 12 days have already gone by, so the holsters he was expecting should arrive and ship soon.

    12/2/18: Tod Stinham sends me an email saying maybe he should cancel my order so i can go buy it somewhere else.

    12/2/18: i reply with "please keep my order as originally placed as the holster that was originally ordered should be showing up any day now"

    12/2/18: i get a cancellation and refund email from holsterops.com.
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    For what it's worth whoever the gentleman I spoke with at holsterops was, he was THE most knowledgeable person I've conversed with about safariland products to date. Knew of future products, offerings, time frames, etc. He was basically rainman to model #'s and SKU's for several configurations I wanted that safariland holster finder couldn't decipher or wasn't updated for.

    "G19 w/ X300U and DG switch in Coyote? Yeah...we got that"
    "G34 w/ X300U and DG switch in Coyote? Not officially offered yet BUT will be in xxx weeks - I can put the order in now with a note"

    Call them. They will get you exactly what you want, even though I didn't think what I wanted even existed in my case!

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    Holsterops is the only place I will order Safariland duty products from.

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    My experience was excellent! Thanks!

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