2-Day Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course

Previous pistol and carbine training from military, law enforcement or reputable company or competition experience (USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun)

This course combines the tactical use of both the pistol and carbine. Students should already have a sound foundation in the use of the carbine and pistol. After a quick review of the fundamentals, the course will continue with advanced drills and move into timed stress events. Topics will include, equipment setup, zeroing, reloading, malfunctions, ready positions, transitions, slings, shooting positions, close contact drills, shooting while moving, barricades, barrel sight relationship and support side shooting.

Shadow Hawk Defense Range
436 Apple Harvest Dr
Hedgesville, WV 25427
(1.5 hour drive from Dulles Airport)

Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14, 2018
From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (each day)

$520 = Tuition $450 + Range Fees $70

Your carbine must be zeroed prior to this class. We recommend a 50/200m zero, but 25 & 100 are also acceptable for the course.

Topics Covered
Shooting positions
Transition from carbine to pistol
Multiple targets
Turning and shooting
Timed Drills & Standards
Malfunction Drills
Target acquisition & discrimination
Strong and Support side shooting (carbine)
Non standard response
One-handed shooting (Strong and Support side)
Speed reloads/magazine changes

Equipment Needed
Serviceable carbine (AR or similar) of 556/223 & semi-automatic pistol of 9mm or larger caliber.
600 rounds of rifle ammunition and 600 rounds of pistol ammunition (minimum). More is better!
Strong-side holster & Magazine pouch.
3 pistol magazines with a minimum of 10 round capacity.
3 carbine magazines of at least 20 round capacity (minimum).
Tactical sling that will allow transition from carbine to pistol.
Eye protection (clear and tinted), hearing protection (electronic recommended)
Baseball cap, gloves and cleaning equipment.
Knee & Elbow pads (optional).
Food, water, snacks and appropriate clothing.

Lunch is NOT included. Please bring your own.
It's highly recommended to bring a chair.
This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.

Course Info and Registration