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Thread: Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass bushings

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    More consistent ignition and keeping the primer pocket tight I believe.

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    Lapua does use small rifle primers. CCI 450ís is where itís at.

    I also had to trim my Hornady brass after every firing just about. Iím on the 4th firing of Lapua and have yet had to trim.

    When doing load work up it was hard as all of the powder charges shot good lol. I just picked the one with the lowest SD and ES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milgauss223 View Post
    So the Lapua 6.5 brass uses small rifle primers? What's the reasoning behind that?
    The milder the primer (up to the point of diminishing returns) the lower the SDs. We got some Lapua 308 palma brass to try... hoping the WOLF primer would prove to make awesome .308 ammo. But the Wolf primer was too mild. We had hang fires.
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    Alright guys I get the point hahah. I guess I'll be spending some Christmas bonus money on some new Lapua brass. 6.5 has been such a joy reloading for as it is one of my first "precision" loads. So far mine seems to like 140 ELD. Thanks for all the info Folks

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