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Thread: Armor carrier. Ditch or maybe fix my JPC

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBearMedic View Post
    The First Spear tubes retrofit cummerbund is very nice as well, as far as a non-velcro, releasable c-bun goes.
    I was thinking the same thing. The First Spear retro fit cummerbund and your APC could be a pretty awesome setup.
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    You said this is an active shooter rig, but what are you thinking of carrying on it? I am assuming you'll have your duty belt on so what, maybe 3 mags and some flex cuffs? You may want to check out a Ferro Concepts Slickster. I know you said no velcro due to speed but the cummerbund has room for mags/radios/med supplies so you could have it pre loaded. Something along the lines of 3 ar mags on one side, an israli bandage, tourniquet, and spot for a radio on the other. This will leave your front completely slick if needed to prone out or squeze through something on a foot pursuit. It would also be easy to don and doff. You could then carry a placard or chest rig in the trunk to plus up/be more comfortable for longer call outs. Think barricaded suspect once the imediate threat of active shooter has ended but you need to pull outer/backside cordon. Throw the placard on with 2 clips and transfer/empty your cummerbund. If interested PM me and I'll send you a few pics of what I mean.

    If that doesn't work for you, I'd echo the comments of the STT from SKD or the First On from First Spear. If I remember, they have a decent LEO discount. I dislike how the mags are on the First On but if the price is right, you could make it work.

    I am not a huge fan of the GGG/Tac Tailor minimalist PC. I don't feel that the single strap on the side works as well as a true cumerbund (my personal experiance with one). But, DSG was just running a sale on wolf grey for about $70. BFG has wolf grey tripple ten speed pouches for about $16 on closeout so that gives you a decent option under $100. (A buddy just went that route as the price worked for his budget)
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