I received my PHLster holster roughly two weeks ago, and had a chance to try it out with my comped G17 as a standalone holster before my Flex arrived shortly after. For those who don't know, the Flex is a new "idea" from Jon Hauptman. Since May, if I recall correctly, the Flex was sent out to a handful of folks to test. With positive feedback received, the Flex made its way to production and the first run was shipped out right before Christmas. As soon as they went live, I placed my order and received it on Christmas Eve.

While the PHLster Spotlight holster is high quality, has a great fit, and conceals well, it didn't solve my issue of carrying a spare mag. I always carry a spare, even if it ends up in my pocket. The downsides to carrying a separate magazine pouch is that it can become uncomfortable at times and it tends to rotate depending on how your body moves. I was on the verge of coming up with a way to attach multiple magazine pouches together, which would eliminate the rotation, but would still most likely be uncomfortable. That's where the Flex comes in. It is made of Hypalon, which is most commonly used in backpacks. It's strong, yet flexible. Jon has them laser cut to ensure they each Flex is made with precision. He includes a hardware pack for you to attach soft loops, overhooks, or require hardware to attach hard pouches. I had a few ten speed lying around, so they were woven on and filled with 23 round magazines to test. The rig itself is somewhat impractical, but can surprisingly be concealed in a t-shirt. I've been carrying it since I received it, and I have to say, this will easily be one of the best products of 2018.