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Thread: Eye Relief Question Two

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    Eye Relief Question Two

    The 2.5x prism is now mounted on a quick release mount. The instructions are eye relief of 2.67 inches but I like mine more forward at 3.5 inches. Is this too much? Are there drawbacks with having it more forward (toward the muzzle)? Dry firing works fine and it is getting ready for the range. This is my first scope so am I making some sort of mistake?

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    Position the scope such that you get maximum field of view in the scope for the majority of your shooting positions. If you get full field of view at 3.5", then so be it.

    Scope position on the receiver is going to depend on the scope's eye relief and the position of your head relative to the weapon. If you shoot with your face more forward, move the scope forward to maintain the correct eye relief and so on. You might discover as you shoot more, especially in different positions, you'll adjust your shooting style and the scope's position. I've found that it's easier to move my head a bit forward than back on the stock, so my scope positions are usually biased a bit towards the front.

    Snap a pic of your current set up and post it here.


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