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Thread: VLD Endcap strike , No good at all!

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    VLD Endcap strike , No good at all!

    We went out to do the Sunday marathon and I found an old box of custom 300WM ammo from the "long Range Pursuit" guys that do the TV show. I bought it considering using it for hunting ammo before mark loaded 300. It was 190 grain VLD's in Federal brass. First shot at steel at 100, I completely miss the steel. Move over to larger paper and it hits 3 inches high, we are like WTF. Marks glances down to the can and sure as shit, end cap strike on first round. To boot, the can is a Sig QD Ti 338LM can.

    Oh lord was I pissed, we pulled it off and there were no baffle strikes. No idea how it happened, it should be ultra precision ammo but those damn VLD's are finicky.

    Loaded up the Rem700 -Kreiger barrel and pulled out the 225 ELD's and stacked a clover leaf sub .5 group. At least the can is still , or seems to be fine. Any reason for me to take any other action, other than not shoot that ammo through a can?

    I know plenty of people have shot VLD's with much happiness, but they have done nothing but bring anger and sorrow every time we pull them out. I hate those bullets.

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    I'm guessing those rounds were loaded with a jump to the lands that the bullet/barrel does not like. We could measure it, but... who cares? We don't shoot those bitchy bullets anyway.
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    Grandpappy used to tell me; “if it hurts when you do this (bangs forehead on the wall), STOP doing it”!


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