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Thread: Ruger American swapping barrels or stocks...

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    Ruger American swapping barrels or stocks...

    So Ruger has the American in 7.62x39 using Mini-30 mags.

    Now after SHOT they also have an American in 5.56 using AR mags.

    I have no interest in owning a Mini-30.

    I do have an interest in owning an AR using AR pattern mags in 7.62x39.

    Theoretically I could buy the Ruger American in 7.62x39 using Mini-30 mags and the Ruger American in 5.56 using ar mags and swap the stocks or barrels and end up with a Ruger American in 7.62x39 using AR pattern mags and a Ruger American in 5.56 using mini-14 mags?



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    Certainly creative. Im not sure of the mag dimensions of the x39 and 5.56- If they would fit in the wells.

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    Bolt faces are different as well. Seems like a lot of extra cost and trouble to gain the ability to use $10 mags. I totally get the desire for having less types of mags, ammo, guns, etc. but to me Id rather just get the mini30 version and buy a few mags rather than two guns and swapping all the parts if I had to have a soviet round.

    I would just get the .300blk version. They already solved the problem for you. Ballistics are similar.

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    I have the Mini-30 version and like it. I handled a AR mag version the other day and did not exactly like the mag release on it. It’s not exactly as easy to use as a AR and I think it’s because of the traditional stock grip. The mag release was also covered a bit with part of the stock. I still might pick one up if I see it at the right price. As for swaping them around it’s a interesting idea. Let us know if you figure out if it works or not.

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    FYI, I contacted Magpul. I asked them:

    Will the Hunter American Stock:

    Be compatible with the newest version of the Ruger American Rifle that accepts AR-style magazines?
    This is what they wrote back:

    Our Hunter American short action stock will not be compatible with AR style magazines. You will need to use the AICS pattern magazine that comes with the stock or, one of similar design.
    Bummer. Maybe if this newest Ruger American becomes their most wildly successful model, Magpul will come out with an updated stock?


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