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Thread: BRT OPTIMUM build

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    Thank you for the update.

    I have not shot mine as much as either of you.

    I started with a BRT gas block a machinist at work pinned for me.

    I am using the "heavy" spring in my Larue trigger to firm up the reset more than increase trigger pull, but we both arrived at the same point there.

    I would be using a BRT Covert Comp on mine but I put it on my 11.3" build and A2 FHs are cheap.

    Still running the Trijicon 1-4 Accupower, still not thrilled with it.


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    Edit-You may have to click on jpg to see current rifle set up.
    Update at 10,104 rounds:
    Optimum build 20230706.jpg
    jump .377.jpg
    When I last updated this thread, I took this build out to 600 yards using the 62gr BTHPs. (The scope matched that load well enough, and I had a spotter.) This build is still chugging along great, but it's starting to lose velocity. Around 9200 rounds, it was losing 70 fps to newer barrels.
    Changes since last year:
    -I dumped the 1.93 Mount. It was good for running and gunning, but I found it a bit much for my neck when prone. About 2/3 of my shooting is prone and kneeling, so I went to a standard height mount.
    -Different lower due to troubleshooting another upper. This lower has a Forward Controls Design 2-stage, A5 system with Springco Green/A5H2 buffer, and a Magpul SL Stock, which is my current preference.
    -RMR was moved to a different role for a train up with the M17.
    -Handguard swapped out for V1(?) version so original handguard can be used on next upper.
    -Rifle was used for 3 different train ups and shared the ammo load at about 40/60. The "other" rifle was constantly changing, so this rifle continued to get the brunt of the practice.
    -Scope should probably be sent in for service. Windage and elevation don't always seem to track well. While it completed a box drill, it was slightly erratic. I still wish this was an ACOG.
    -Rifle still groups sub-2MOA with 77gr ammo, and sub-4MOA with Lake City. Last unsupported group I measured was 5.5" at 195 yards.

    This barrel is on borrowed time. Bullet jump to lands is getting enormous, but I'll complete another train up and then run it for a while longer for CQB drills. It's served it purpose well, but it'll be replaced when it no longer holds sub-4MOA groups with training ammo. I wish I had run a Colt barrel concurrent to this one to see how it would handle the same firing schedule.
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