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Thread: .308 is way off the cannelure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwknutson17 View Post
    I hope your case length isn't 2.1. Should be 2.015 and trim is 2.005.
    Yeah, WTF? I meant to type 2.005"
    Must have been a typo.
    markm -
    When you make your own ammo, wasting it is repulsive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T2C View Post
    I used over 2,000 of the Hornady 150g FMJBT bullets for M1 Garand loads over the past few years. The cannelure didn't come close to touching the case mouth. Load for optimum C.O.L. for function and accuracy and ignore the cannelure.
    This is the only useful post in the thread.

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