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Thread: Mk12'ish build

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    Added 2 more parts to my mk12, standard GI trigger guard and a m84 gasbuster. I wish I'd had the funds available to get the correctly marked one I saw listed here awhile back but had to get a newer one, but it will do. I still want the ARMS 32 bipod mount and if I could afford that damn Leupold scope I'd be set up with a really nice clone.
    To those who have seen/used them, what other optics would be more correct than my Vortex? I love that little scope but We know it is from a different era.
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    Built mine a few years back and used one of Monty's Barrels in it and with my 77gr SMK loads I was astonished at the group's it put up. Not really a clone because I went with a noveske upper, lower, and 13" rail but I don't care...this thing is such an amazing rifle! Pics tomorrow...

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