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Thread: SE Pa residents. Valley Forge national Park and conceal carry

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    SE Pa residents. Valley Forge national Park and conceal carry

    I'm planning on going to Valley Forge national Park this weekend and would like to have my CC on me. However I can't find any concrete answers as to the legality of it. Valley Forge website says YES except for visitors center and Ranger stations (gov buildings) however, they throw in the "check your local, state and federal laws" disclaimer. Everything I've found is at least a few years old and I was wondering if anyone had gone there recently while armed and if so what were you able to find out?

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    For a few years I lived in Audubon, PA which is about 2 miles from Valley Forge. There is no official entrance gate or any entrance fees. I think this is due to the fact that several heavily used roads pass through the park. What I mean by that is huge numbers of people pass through the park each day and there are no controlled points at all. No metal detectors, etc. that I ever saw. I would carry especially since the park explicitly allows it. Concealed is concealed, yadda, yadda.

    FWIW I moved away in 2008 so my info is also dated. I can't imagine much has changed though.


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