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Thread: Tent or Tarp?

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    Are you sure the tent actually leaked in the rain? Quite often the combination of high humidity, perspiration, damp clothes, and exhaling moisture will result in all of that condensing on the ceiling/walls and ending up in the floor as puddles. Why I tend to like floorless shelters in forested areas, although that could be a whole different ballgame on compacted or clay soil.

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    No condensation.. just picked a poor spot. There was a deluge and the run off ended up puddling around and under the tent where I had placed it. Another time was when we got to a spot in the dark. Looked like we picked a good spot, but it turned out the other way. That wasn't a fun night. Besides the wet, someone... not me... didn't close the fly all the way and I woke up with a raccoon walking on my back. That was some funny stuff... at least now it is.

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