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Thread: HEADS UP! NM Democrat Governor Candidates want to ban AR-15's!

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    HEADS UP! NM Democrat Governor Candidates want to ban AR-15's!

    ...all three Democrats running for governor in New Mexico say they support a statewide ban on the sale of AR-15s — the style of semiautomatic rifle used in the killing of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Fla., last month.

    Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jeff Apodaca, a former television executive from Albuquerque, and state Sen. Joe Cervantes, a Las Cruces attorney, favor bans on the sale of AR-15s, according to their campaigns.

    All four candidates for governor say it will take a comprehensive approach to address shootings in New Mexico. But the Democratic hopefuls see a ban on AR-15-style weapons as part of the plan, in contrast to Pearce, who opposes the idea.

    The candidates staked out their positions this week after hundreds of thousands students and others across the country and New Mexico rallied on Saturday against gun violence and mass shootings.

    “These are weapons designed for war and have no place being in our schools and communities.”

    Peter DeBenedittis, Jeff Apodaca campaign spokesman
    The Cervantes campaign pointed out that he sponsored legislation aimed at keeping firearms away from domestic abusers. The proposal, Senate Bill 259, cleared both chambers in 2017 but was vetoed by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, who said judges can already prohibit people from possessing firearms in some circumstances.

    "This bill would have ensured people convicted of domestic violence, would not have access to guns," Cervantes spokesman Cody Aaron said in a written statement. "When Senator Cervantes is leading the state, the governor's office will no longer be the deterrent to sensible gun reform measures."

    He said Cervantes supports a "complete ban on military-purposed weapons for the general public."

    Apodaca also favors a ban on "military assault weapons," campaign spokesman Peter DeBenedittis said.

    "These are weapons designed for war and have no place being in our schools and communities," Apodaca said in a written statement. "As a hunter, I am proud of our 2nd Amendment rights. It's not unreasonable to outlaw weapons of war."

    Lujan Grisham and Cervantes support bans on high-capacity magazines. Pearce opposes such a ban.

    Apodaca said he would support limiting magazines to 10 rounds.

    The primary election, when Democratic voters will pick a nominee, is June 5.
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    Sucks, but this is how things are going to go now.

    I fully expect an "assault weapons" ban to get smashed through in CO next session.

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    OK - who is going to build a belt fed, wooden stock, bull pup?


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