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Thread: Colt preban Sporter match Hbar value today

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    Colt preban Sporter match Hbar value today

    Iíve got a buddy with 2 unfired MH xxxxxx match hbars. He is in a money crunch and I offered to loan him some money with the two rifles as collateral. I am fine giving him full market value as he is a good friend whom I trust. They are as clean as the day they were purchased, but have no box. He does have the manual. If these were sold into a ban state that still allows them, what price can they bring?

    Thanks in advance Guys

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    As an aside I sold my post-ban Sporter II HBAR last April for $1,200 local ArmsList. Was immaculate a few hundred rounds through it. No manual, no box, no mags. Not sure what the market is now for them, but unfired pre-ban I'd think significantly more.


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