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Thread: GAIA GPS App for smartphone, anybody try it?

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    GAIA GPS App for smartphone, anybody try it?

    I'm planning another wilderness area hunt this fall and my old Garmin GPS unit is showing its age. I started researching online and it appears many people find an app such as GAIA GPS is much more useful. It is used with downloadable maps and the smartphone in "airplane" mode which obviously is not dependent on a wireless signal to work. Has anybody tried this? The premium version is only $40.

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    I use it to track my running. I really like it! I have not run into any issues with it either.

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    I've not played with it, but heavily have used the Google Maps off line maps feature with my smartphone. It's pretty good, but lacks the features I've grown used to (route planning etc). It's better than nothing , but I'd still carry paper maps & chargers.



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