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I finally got my tax stamps back on this rifle and boy so far what a let down. I have ran 3 different known good subsonic rounds through this rifle and every shot is about on par with a 16” 9mm pistol carbine with no can shooting 147gr SS ammo. It is just about at the verge of not being hearing safe to me with SS ammo and my hearing sucks. Maybe I got a dud made on Friday afternoon. I plan on calling LMT tomorrow to see what is up. Sucks waiting a year and $400 in tax stamps for this type of rifle and it working out this way. I have many different cans and have been around pretty much everything out there suppressed wise to know something is not right on this one.

I’ll update when I know more.
Do you have any update from LMT on this? Info is scarce out there from individual owners of these. Curious if your issue is "part of the design" or just a dud example.