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Thread: Dry Firing References

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    If you have to convince someone that 'dry firing is good' by citing sources like a collegic essay- you are talking to the wrong people. I pretty much promise everyone who has ever carried a gun for a living has done a dry fire exercise AT SOME POINT in their training. The really really good shooters dry fire their guns..... DAILY....

    The reason why you will never see a manufacture or retailer recommend it, is because they are scared of the liability the first time some FUDD has a ND trying to dry practice like they told him too.

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    Actually Glock makes dedicated inert pistols designed for dry fire only. Available only to LE departments.

    I have a car that doesn't run. Perfect for teaching a new driver.... want to buy it?? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by turnburglar View Post
    I have a car that doesn't run. Perfect for teaching a new driver.... want to buy it?? :P
    The Glock17R is actually pretty versatile.

    It is a good way to teach all pistol manipulations - administratively loading and unloading, reloads and remediation drills - in addition to trigger manipulation.

    It can also be the basis for a non recoil laser training system to bring dry-fire to the next level - far better than a SIRT trainer.

    I spent a good amount of time working with cars that didn't run, we called them driving simulators.

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    Not EXACTLY what was asked, so with apologies, this is a great book about it.


    Also available on Kindle
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