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Thread: Battle Of The High End LPVO (UPDATE: Purchase Made)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch View Post
    I'm looking to purchase a 1X4. I have no need for anything larger. My search always migrates to X6 because the X4 choices are limited.

    I'm gravitating towards the Schmidt&Bender PMII. Anyone with experience with these?

    Also looked at Nightforce but online reviews say it is not daytime bright which is of value for me.

    The Trijicon Accupower is an option but at it's price point, I wonder if it is of the quality I seek. I'd like to think of this option as a diamond in the rough but online reviews are mixed.

    Do you know of any other makers of fine 1X4?

    As mentioned, the selections move up to X6. Trying hard to love Leupold like the Mark 6 but don't like the reticle options. I also like the D-EVO/LCO but can't wrap my head around the D-EVO hanging over the ejection port. Might be a non-issue but I have seen videos of brass bouncing off the optic. Not worried about hurting the optic, I just have this irrational feeling of having a malfunction caused by brass bouncing back. 1 in a million, I know...

    Then there is Kahles and other highly recommended X6 but really don't want that. I want something that is closer to a red dot than a scope. ALL of my shooting is done at CQB distances as that's where my interest lies and where 99.9% of my shooting is happening. 100 yards would be extreme distance shooting for me. I have zero interest in shooting prone or sitting at a bench trying to group sizes that can be covered by a quarter at 1000 yards.

    I have a T2 and a EXPS3-0 already. Now I want an LPVO. Self-imposed limit of 3K but would spend more on the right optic.

    Can you help?
    I'm running the S&B PMII 1-8 (maybe 1.5-8) on a 5.56 and love the crap out of it. Typical S&B glass and the LED is day bright for quick shooting in close, defiantly a both eyes open thing. The 8X is good at distance. Works well behind a CNVD. Not quite as fast as a Aimpoint but a lot faster than a fixed 4x.

    I also run an Elcan 1/4 on short upper and like it for this role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuukka View Post
    In LPVOs, if money is not the #1 criteria, this is my short list. Based on 15+ years of using different evolutions of LVPOS, starting from the Leupold CQT and the gen 1. S&B Short Dot:

    1-6x Kahles K16i with G4B reticle or Swarovski Z6i with BRT-I reticle

    1-8x Swarovski Z8i with BRT-I

    This is not a knock on Vortex, Nightforce etc, I have not used them apart from quick shots on the range at various events.

    I have put tens of thousands of rounds through the S&B Short Dot family, Kahles and Swarovski models.
    I can't say enough positive things about my Z8i. From the illumination and its controls to the glass quality, its an amazing scope.

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    Updated and put to the top for those interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch View Post
    Updated and put to the top for those interested.
    You made a phenomenal choice. The Kahles is one of the best in the industry.

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