I carry AIWB and prefer minimalist, single clip, easy on/ easy off holsters. Not trigger guard small but as small as possible because in my experience minimal means comfort. It took a while to finally give one of the "married" style holsters a try. They always look so bulky and two clips usually means no easy on/off like I prefer. My final hesitation was cost. This style usually brings a premium in cost and I'm budget minded. Crazy Eyes Holsters is a small, one man shop out of Florida. I saw one of his holsters recommended in an FB post. I also found an informative youtube review that answered a lot of my questions and concerns. He offers upgrades such as carbon fiber kydex and different color kydex options that others charge extra for. He also offers a full sweat guard option and RCS wing at no extra cost. I ordered my holster and he had it at my door in under a week. Spectacular lead time for this style holster. It is very well made and the attention to detail is awesome. To my surprise, he even polished the edges. Something most others either charge for or don't offer. As I said, it is very comfortable. These are molded with 70% of the mold to the front of the holster so the back is flatter. This minimizes or prevents (as in my case) pressure points that can be experienced with some holster designs making them dig in and cause discomfort. While it's not as easy on/ off as my single clip holster, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. Certainly not a reason to dismiss this style. The added benefit of always having a spare mag far outweighs the small extra effort it takes to don this holster. Sitting is not a problem with this holster either. Granted, I am only carrying a small G43 and body type has a lot to do with AIWB comfort. I have one on the way for my G19, as well and will either update this thread or maybe make a new review post for that one. I'm hoping it works out as well as this one has. Pics for your enjoyment.