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Thread: Advice for 6 creed build

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    Advice for 6 creed build

    I’m gathering parts for a large frame build. I’ve put together a couple of ARs, but all have been 556.

    I’ve got Aero upper and lower and a Brownells branded barrel I decided to give a try.

    I want to use a rifle length buffer system either with an A2 or a magpul rifle stock.

    No suppressor.

    Any advice on buffer, spring, bcg, etc???

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    im running all the JP LMOS stuff in my 6.5 creed.

    Whatever you run, run a high pressure bolt.

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    I don't know what others think, but to me the AR10 platform isn't as dialed in as much as the ar15 platform, and 6CM is one of the less dialed in ones. From playing with my LMT-MWS and buffer and springs, I'd want an adjustable gas block so that you have all the variables to play with.

    Per Rjacobs post, watch LowLights review of the JP in 6.5CM. I have a 223 with the LMOS and adjustable gas block. That is a pretty sweet engineering set up.
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