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Thread: Thoughts on training with your carry gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Stormin_ View Post
    I have a "clone" of my carry gun that I train with, but I make sure to shoot my carry specific pistol for at least one magazine per trip to the range just to be 100% confident in it. Biggest issue that I have always had is finding training ammo that mimics defensive ammo for recoil. The NATO spec 9mm feels mighty close to SD ammo in the pistol for recoil in practice, and I believe that adrenaline in an defensive situation might overpower the differences from there.
    A couple thoughts on this:

    Aguila makes a 115gr +P FMJ. It does feel like +P, but I havenít chronoed it.

    NATO type ammo feels a lot like some 124gr defensive loads

    One of the reasons I like 147gr standard pressure carry ammo so much, is that it feels very close to some 147gr FMJís. And I get the vast majority of my practice with the same weight I carry. I get identical or close to identical results when I shoot a drill with my carry ammo. Also, most 147gr loads have a JHP-like profile due to the flat noses, so hypothetically they might help identify guns that have feeding issues with JHP ammo. Maybe. None of my guns have that problem, so far, so I canít test that. Nevertheless, my guns eat piles of flat point ammo before they ever see a mag of Ranger T.

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    I have 2 carry guns that get rotated depending on the seasons. Glock 17 and Glock 19, both Gen 3 guns.

    The 17 has just north of 11k through it and the 19 is at 2k.

    PM is the same throughout; full cleaning after every range session, RSA every 3k, trigger springs, slide take down springs , safety plunger spring, extractor plunger spring, every 5k.

    I have a spare gun of each with a low round count but enough to know if anything happens to my main gun I can grab it and use it without doubt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas View Post
    So obviously if you carry daily or close to it, it's important to train with your carry gun. I'm curious about how people approach this; train with the actual gun you carry and have a strict regimen of replacing parts or have second copy of your carry gun and train with that?

    The follow up question if you go with door number 1 is, what intervals do you replace parts? Or how much earlier than the regular intervals?


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