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Thread: Semper Paratus Arms 2 Day AR15 Armorer Course Haltom City, TX- September 2018

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    Semper Paratus Arms 2 Day AR15 Armorer Course Haltom City, TX- September 2018

    Semper Paratus Arms will be in metro DFW (Haltom City) for the 2 day AR15 Armorer Course. This course is being hosted by the Haltom City Police Dept. TCOLE credit will be given to Texas LE personnel. This course is open enrollment.

    Course registration and payment will be conducted through- http://www.semperparatusarms.com/cou...-registration/

    Dates: September 10/11 2018
    Time: 0900-1730
    Location: Haltom City Fire Station No. 1
    5525 Broadway Ave.
    Haltom City, TX 76117

    Cost: 350.00


    Additionally there is a new "minimalist" tool kit for the course.

    All tools can be purchased through Brownells and it is the recommended source. http://www.brownells.com. The complete tool list is only required if you are building a weapon. The "minimalist" kit is the minimum required.

    The complete kit is only necessary for those building a weapon during the course. Prior approval is required.

    Complete set of steel punches- 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 (Starrett is preferred)
    Complete set of roll pin holders
    Complete set of roll pin punches
    1" Nylon and Brass gunsmithing hammer. Part# 818-600-100WB
    Small to medium pair of needle nose pliers
    Large flat tip screwdriver or variable tip screwdriver set
    Bolt Catch Pin Punch
    Pivot Pin Installation Tool
    Note taking material
    USB Drive

    Minimalist Tool List

    Glock Punch
    1" Nylon and Brass gunsmithing hammer. Part# 818-600-100WB
    6" flat tip screwdriver or correct allen wrench for grip screw
    Pivot pin installation tool- Part# 080-216-011WB
    1/16 flat punch (Starrett is recommended)
    Note taking material
    USB Drive

    Instructor will be bringing a variety of specialty tools to the class, to include a vise, vise blocks, etc......


    This class will be taught using various media sources (videos, powerpoints and pictures) as well as well as hands on with functional weapons provided by the students. At the conclusion of the course all students should be able to fully disassemble and assemble a functional weapon from parts. In addition they should be able to recognize common malfunctions and be able to troubleshoot issues that are frequently encountered. We will cover standard AR's, SBR's and AR pistols. We will be installing barrels, staking carrier keys, replacing extractors, etc....

    Students will have the opportunity to fix issues during the course such as stakings, etc... and check the weapon using gages.

    The course will conclude with all students taking a written test as well as hands on test which will include the complete disassembly and reassembly of the weapon followed by a functions test.

    TD 1

    -Introduction to the AR15 platform, its history, and cycle of operation
    -Parts breakdown and nomenclature
    -Tool and equipment selection as well as proper usage
    -Basic disassembly and reassembly (upper and lower)

    TD 2

    -Overview of TD 1
    -Inspection criteria
    -Troubleshooting and malfunctions
    -Complete and detailed dis-assembly and assembly of weapon
    -Written test and certificate issuance

    Instructor Bio

    This course will be taught by a veteran of both the U.S. Army and U.S Coast Guard with over 29 years of experience working with the AR15 family of weapons. In 2005 he entered into the private sector working in Iraq and Afghanistan as an armorer/ instructor for several large private military companies supporting the Department of Defense and the Department of State. He has attended and completed numerous factory armorer courses from such companies as Beretta, Barrett, Colt, Dillon Aero, FNHUSA, Glock, Knights’ Armament, Remington, and Sig Sauer.

    Owner/Instructor at Semper Paratus Arms

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SemperParatusArms/

    Semper Paratus Arms AR15 Armorer Course http://www.semperparatusarms.com/cou...-registration/

    M4C Misc. Training and Course Announcements- http://www.m4carbine.net/forumdisplay.php?f=141

    Master Armorer/R&D at SIONICS Weapon Systems- http://sionicsweaponsystems.com

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    Woot! I am in.

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    I attended this course, on my time/dime for the second time in two years and already looking forward to the next round in the DFW area.

    Haltom City PD hosted and made sure all the LE guys were good-to-go with TCOLE training hours.
    The classroom was in the training room at Haltom City FD station #1 and the hose-draggers were, as usual, a great bunch of guys.
    And IG brought Donuts for breakfast...

    This AAR by PatrickR from the last Semper Paratus class in DFW is well written and a very accurate review of the course.

    TD1 was filled with all the technical info and IG used several examples from his bottomless "Box of Shame" to highlight most issues with the AR.
    I ended up with 15 pages of handwritten notes versus 12 from my previous attendance of this course.
    The CIA makes AR15 barrels...

    At the beginning of TD2, IG asks everybody to discuss their takeaway or "Ah-Ha" from TD1.
    For me, it was based on IG's first hand knowledge, experience and several specific examples as well as my own - how the "list" of so-called "tier-1" AR makers is getting shorter when it should be getting longer. I rather enjoyed the follow-on discussion about why and how this is/has happened.

    Some hands-on highlights from Training Day 2...
    Two local LE guns got new gas key screws and some MOACKS love. None of my personal guns need it, but I'm gonna get a MOACKS because...
    Several guns got some castle nut/staking love, including a couple from so-called "Tier-1" makers (i.e. not properly staked and basically no torque on the Castle Nut).
    During the gas tube/carrier key check, several guns (including factory "Tier-1" and homemade) were found to be in need of the TM 9-1005-319-23&P field alignment/adjustment. IG had his TM 9-1005-319-23&P approved gas tube adjustment tool on hand and made sure every rifle that needed it was good to go.
    IG's favorite upper receiver installation is the good old Delta Ring Assembly - he walked us through a complete install and highlighted why, after 30+ years of working on AR's, this particular part is still his favorite...

    Several of us inquired about the Semper Paratus 1 Day AR15 Advanced Armorer Course as well as the Sionics Weapon Systems AR15 Builders Course.
    IG advised those might be a possibility in 2019...

    It was a great course and I cannot recommend it enough.


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    I also attended this course and echo what Tango Papa says. IG is incredibly knowledgeable and is good at transferring that knowledge and experience to the students in the class. This really is a great course for those interested in "details" maintaining and/or building an AR15. My upper needed a minor adjustment in the gas tube alignment with the TM 9-1005-319-23&P field alignment/adjustment tool (a large screw dirver). Seeing many of these "tricks" first hand and being able to ask follow up questions was an excellent opportunity.



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