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Titanium? Not Tungsten? Seems backwards. And did they give you a reason on the orange over the blue? I've never used the orange or really even considered it.
Sorry, it was tungsten. I gave the guy at Sprinco a run down of the problem. He agreed, it was a bad case of over gassing. My question was if I needed a blue or red spring. He said his experience has shown a strong spring and a heavy buffer will not only cure the ejection problem but will soften felt recoil. Sprinco's springs, color coded, in order of strength: White, blue, red, orange. I thought maybe a blue, he said just do it with the orange and an H2. I did it and it works beautifully.

Remembering someone said an M4 changed from a 4 to 1:00 position in full auto, I cranked off three rounds as fast as I could. The ejection pattern still held. The recoil certainly feels softer and there is less deflection when looking through my optic.

Sprinco also makes the five coil extractor springs for BCM. For two dollars more they will send you their extractor spring along with your action spring. For an additional one dollar they send you a black insert and a rubber o-ring. So for about three dollars, you get the extractor package. Just the rubber o-ring is more than $3.00 in the Brownell's catalog. How can you say no? I have not put the extractor spring in.

So basically I bought the orange spring based on this guy's recommendation. This is his business and he does this every day. It was a $20.00 dollar gamble but it paid off.