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Thread: Is the buffer normal?

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    I emailed them yesterday. I will report back what they say.

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    This has been answered in the other forum.
    You removed the retainer pin and the marks persist .
    The back of the retainer pin slot on the carrier has burrs on it obviously.
    Therefore sand the back of the carrier flat on some 400 grit on a flat surface and deburr these burrs with a small file or stone.

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    It’s not a problem with the buffer, it’s caused by a burr on the BCG. Deburr and don’t worry about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clyde777 View Post
    Is this normal wear for a buffer with only 50 rounds through it? The buffer was new and put into my bcm lower and upper middy. Is the wear normal/okay?
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    It is fine, it won't hurt anything.

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    Is your receiver extension not screwed in far enough?

    Only time I've seen that type of wear was on lower where the receiver extension could've used another rotation, went ahead and did such a rotation and the marks stopped.

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