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Thread: FN 15 SRP Tactical

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    FN 15 SRP Tactical

    Anyone have experience with it? FN seems to have a solid rep for civi ARs and value. Place had it for a tad under 1k, which seems like a quality AR and set up for the $. My Colt 6490, which I have no complaints over, is a brick compared to the FN and the FN has way more rail space, etc.
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    I just set up a 16 in Bravo M4 with a rail, gas block, etc. Almost identical set up. I spent quite a bit more than a grand. I have no first-hand experience with FN carbines. I would be very tempted to give that one a try if you could pick it up for less than 1k

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    I have an early FN Tactical with the Midwest Industries rail and hammer forged barrel. Approaching 2k rounds without a hiccup, great accuracy and zero regrets.

    Someone will be along presently to advise that FN can’t legally build a good rifle so you should buy a Colt instead. The FN employees I’ve talked with advise that these are built in the same factory on the same assembly lines as their .gov rifles.

    I’d buy another in a heartbeat.

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    I got to handle one last week when a local store had, "FN Days" in which the factory sales reps brought product and point of sale items with them. Feture and price wise, the FN SRP looked to me like a direct competitor to the Colt 6920-R Trooper. The Trooper is the closest gun I can think of that directly compares to the FN SRP Tactical.

    If I were in the market for a new gun and had it narrowed down to either a Colt Trooper or the FN SRP Tactical, I'd probably buy whichever one was cheaper. From what I'm seeing now that would be the FN SRP.


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