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Thread: Benelli Nova 12 Gauge

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerplode View Post
    I've had a non-tactical Nova for a few years. It's a nice shotgun. Well made and pretty smooth. I like the mag cutoff button deal that allows you to cycle the action without advancing the next shell from the tube. I ended up installing the mercury recoil reducer in the stock. It was a little spendy, but works pretty well in toning down the beating.

    My only real complaint is that every time I wipe the exterior of the barrel with an oiled patch, it comes off rusty brown. I suspect it'd wouldn't take much weather exposure for it to go into full fuzzy-red-rust-bomb mode. It's regularly maintained and lives in a climate-controlled safe, so I'm pretty sure it's the finish and not how it's treated. Could just be something wrong with mine, though.

    Anyway, they're good guns and should serve you well.
    Seems odd with rusty rag situation. However, I live in AZ, where nothing rust. Couldn’t be a normal problem or they wouldn’t be popular bird guns in the marsh.

    Good luck.

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    Yeah, there's probably just something wrong with the finish application on my individual gun. I never got around to contacting Benelli about it, though.

    If it progresses, I'll just send the barrel out for Cerakote and call it a day.

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    That is bizarre! I've seen the rusty rag problem all the time with the later Remington shotguns with their matte blue faux parkerizing that will rust if you just speak a salty word to it.

    The metal on the Nova is supposed to be nitrited to prevent rust.

    I've hunted with mine for several years in everything from Hot Texas late summer Dove Seasons (sweaty!) to midwinter waterfowling (rainy - muddy) with the gun being well handled and environmentally exposed for the weekend and I've yet to see a spec of anything looking like rust (or a rusty rag run) on mine.

    One more reason I love it so much, and don't love my former always go to 870s as much.

    It is an awesome Pump gun and my favorite of the bunch.

    I've been shooting a 24" barrel (I know - NOT a 26" or 28") but I smash skeet & sporting clays and connect well with the birds, so I must have learned to stop spot shooting and just keep swinging - just keep swinging...


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    Yeah, mine had rusted too. I never had the rust problems in South Carolina but in Tennessee, it rusted. Not pitting like rust but thenkind that will show up of you wipe it with a white rag.
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