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Thread: Favorite M4 Collapsible Stock Design and Why?

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    Favorite M4 Collapsible Stock Design and Why?

    Being old school, most of my carbines have had the good ol' milspec stock since day one and I've never felt the need to change.

    I ran across a Magpul CTR stock the other day and I must say I'm learning to like it.

    --Solid lock up with the locking lever feature
    --Quick detach swivel aperture, plus slots for slinging a Vickers VCAS sling the way it was designed to be attached
    --Hard rubber butt plate (Although I shun anything rubber for not being durable, this plate is hard enough to withstand some use)
    --Thin but comfortable rear pad bladed to a thin profile to fit the shoulder pocket better
    --Protected actuating lever

    The CTR specs as Magpul publishes them:


    Mounts on mil-spec sized carbine receiver extension tube (not included) from manufacturers such as Colt, Armalite, S&W, LMT, and others (please see the note below)
    Supplemental friction lock minimizes accuracy robbing wobble*
    Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort
    Shielded release latch prevents snagging and accidental operation
    Premium chrome-silicon lock spring provides positive locking and long service life
    Side mounting slots accept optional cheek risers for NON AR15/M4 applications
    Removable 0.30" Rubber Butt-Pad offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection
    Compatible with Magpul ASAP®, ASAP® QD and other receiver-mount sling attachments
    Sling Mounts
    Rear - Push-button QD swivel sling mount accommodates up to 1.5" swivels (ambidextrous)
    Rear/Bottom - 1.25" sling loops
    Toe - Lanyard hole for custom para-cord rigs

    I am NOT a fan of the BCM Gunfighter stock. (In fact it's what got traded for the CTR stock. The Gunfighter stock came with a BCM lower I ordered, and I quickly learned to hate it).


    Why I hate the gunfighter stock: Although it's comfortable when deployed the actuating lever on my example was so stiff my girlfriend couldn't even operate it and I found it excessively hard to squeeze enough to slide the stock.

    So, for me at least, it's Magpul CTR stock for the win.

    What's your choice?
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    An amazing member, Thanks Again, you know who you is;

    PIF to me at one point with a Magpul ACS-L.

    Love it.

    QD rotation limited Slot
    Easy and quick lock for adjustments and re-locking.
    Storage Space for CR123 and other Doohickeys.
    Pretty light
    Great Rubber shoulder pad for grip and comfort.

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    I really like the STR and the CTR. Have one of those two on most every rifle. I like the feel, and I’m a huge fan of the cheekweld capabilities. Most of my rifles serve in a SPR/DMR role, so most are wearing 1-6 or 1-8 glass.
    Recently got a rifle with the B5 stock. I’m liking it quite a bit as well. But, it is super similar to the STR, so that’s likely why.

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    LMT SOPMOD because I like the weight-size and storage ability for batteries, The profile of the stock is nice to shoot with, it displaces a lot more area when you rest your cheek against it. It has just enough weight to counter balance any significant muzzle climb.

    BTW: I keep all my stocks collapse at all times, I like having the gun as far back into my shoulder as possible reducing the overall length and allowing me to extend my support hand further up the rail.

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    I like my LMT SOPMOD the most, closely followed by my MagPul STR. I do like my original BCM Gunfighter as a low profile stock. For my next stock I plan to check out the MagPul SL
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    I'm very picky about adjustable stocks. I always end up pulling SOPMODS off of guns due to weight/bulk. I've never tried a Magpul that I liked enough to buy. My Magpul fixed carbine stock is great.. but that's not what we're talking about.

    I like the Gunfighters that I have. I don't adjust the LOP often and don't care about install difficulty or adjustment difficulty.

    All that said... my all time favorite is the VLTOR IMOD. Best balance of Weight/Bulk/Durability. Like a tard, I gave my only one to a buddy when he was a Combat Controller. I was literally just shopping for a new one online.
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    My favorite stock is the Magpul SL-S

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    I've had/used a VLTOR IMOD, B5 SOPMOD Bravo, USGI M4 stock, Magpul MOE, and BCM Gunfighter Mod 0. My favorite is the BCM.

    It's sleek, has a solid lock-up (as mentioned above I have to squeeze the adjustment lever quite hard to adjust it, thought I don't adjust mine, I leave it all the way in) and it's got enough taper at the bottom of the rubber butt pad to tuck into a shoulder. My only issue is that the QD sling swivel sockets on the sides orient the swivel horizontally, whereas I would prefer that they oriented the swivel vertically, but it's not a deal breaker.
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    Hands down the STR. I love the cheek weld, side storage compartments, the locking mechanism, and it's appearance. It's also not overly heavy. Other obvious nice features are the qd points and ability to swap to an "enhanced" buttpad. I lean towards SOPMOD style stocks, and IMO, the STR is the shizznittlebamsnipsnapsack.

    I must add that the BCM stock is God awful ugly.
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