My current favorite adjustable stock is a MagPul CTR that I modified. I prefer a buttpad angle that's closer to 90 degrees, so I made a wedge to go between the pad and the stock. Then, I glued a spacer from a Magpul Fixed Length Carbine stock to make the comb just a little longer. This is to keep my face from contacting the aluminum of the RE. The aluminum gets really cold in the winter and it's distracting when my cheek hits the metal. Stocks with wider combs feel awkward to me. The width of the CTR is about right. I don't pay much attention to rattly stocks, but when the locking lever is in place, the CTR fits the RE snugly.

Here the CTR is mounted to a Colt 6913

My second favorite is a modified Magpul SL. I extended the comb of this stock as well for the same reasons. I'm debating whether or not to make a wedge to change the buttstock angle. The SL fits the RE snugly eliminating rattle doesn't rattle and also has a normal width comb.

Here it is mounted to a Colt M4A1

I learned a trick from a shooting instructor I know to eliminate beard plucking. He cuts bicycle tubing into sections and places them to cover the spot where the front of the stock meets the RE. He said he does this because he looks silly with one side of his 'stache plucked short.