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Thread: swimmers/shooters inside a sapi cut pocket/bag ...hesco swimmer 3610 inside sapi jpc?

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    swimmers/shooters inside a sapi cut pocket/bag ...hesco swimmer 3610 inside sapi jpc?

    this is all concerning hesco swimmers cut 3610 lv.3 plus being utalized inside a sapi cut crye jpc 2.0. the reason for this would be to use a swimmer on the front where the mobility matters and take the slight extra coverage of the sapi rear. of coarse it will fit... the 3610's are thick 1.1"plates. so they will fill out an apropriate sized pocket, but i am concerned about the possible sloppy fit.

    does any one any experience with my potential specifics or just using shooters/swimmers cuts inside sapi pockets?

    thanks guys!

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    I have Hesco 3610 swimmer/shooter cut plates in a Shellback Banshee plate carrier. They fit just fine. There is a small amount of empty space in the corners as can be seen in the pic but they fit well. The 3610's are great plates, good protection and lightweight at 4.3 lbs. I sent back a set of Paraclete Speed Plate Plus plates that arrived damaged from Galls. Great plates but I like the Hesco's much better.

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    I have a hesco 3610 swimmer in the front of my mayflower APC and a standard sapi cut in the back. As long as the width of the plate and bag are a good fit, you'll have no issues. I have noticed no difference between the fit of the swimmer vs standard plate. As nightvisionary noted, you will have extra material in the corners, but again the fit of the overall width of the plate inside the bag will hold it in place without slop.
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