So, I am in the process of building a LR308 build. I picked up a faxon gunner profile barrel and needed to dimple it for my sentry 7 gas block.

I decided to pick up one of SLR's dimple jigs. Using it was very easy. It has the option for .4, .425, .450, .475, and.5 set screw spacing.

It comes with a screw that has a cone shaped tip that is used to center the jig over the gas hole. Just thread it in opposite the side of whatever set screw spacing you are using. Once it is clamped on, throw it in a vice and put the drill bit bushing in where you are drilling and you are good to go.

I thought the nitrided barrel would put up a fight, but found that my TiN drill bitts (use 5/32) cut through it no problem. I put some perma blue on the dimple once I was done.

The one issue I had was that I measured my set screw spacing wrong the first time. I drilled my holes, then checked to see if they lined up with my gas block and found that the front dimple was off a little. So I re-drilled it at correct spacing. So my front dimple is slightly elongated but still functional.

Overall, for $30, I think it is a great product.

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