Located at 3252 Leeman Ferry Rd in Huntsville.
Been open 6 weeks..built the building from the ground up. VERY nice layout, design and decor. Very spacious with a huge meeting room, training room, non-alcoholic drink & coffee bar coming soon.
What impressed my girlfriend & I the most were the indoor ranges..NICE! I mean worlds apart from anything local. Had a huge line of rental guns, from M1A1's to all kinda AR's, shottys and pistols..with Class 3's coming soon. They were very nice to us, letting us in the closed shop to look around the place.
They cater heavily to women, thru gear & classes & clothing. My girl said the stuff was nice, but a little pricey. The guns I looked at and priced were right for the area. All employee's are vets, former cops and/or NRA certified.
The BEST part..were the 3, 100 yard tunnels for rifles. Have an electronic target at the 100 yrd mark, and a laptop beside you shows hits, tells you corrections, how far out in inches from center, and so very much more. Chrono capability coming soon. Asked about gunsmithing, and was assured by owner & others they have a couple of school trained, top-notch 'smiths.
So..if yall are looking for something new & nice...Lord knows we need it here in Huntsville..check em out. Theyve spent A LOT of money & time on this place, and are still really just getting started.
They have a webpage & FB page..Im too dumb to know how to link to them tho.